Freelance Friday: Betting Basketball is Hard

But a calculator never misses 2 + 2 = 4.

WE: So, if one is looking to specific splits or trends or whatever else to find a spot to bet, is it even worth the time to have your own simple model-that is, a way to come up with an estimated spread based on scoring and whatnot. When you look at the king of stat driven sports/analysis, you’re looking at baseball….which is a much more static game. You hear about “betting models”, some of which are talked up so much they almost seem like mythical scrolls.

In essence, we use a model. These trends, these stats, this schedule, these match-ups. We can at least rule things out, and as a sports bettor anytime I can clear out some noise, I feel like I’m helping myself.

MS: Right. And I think the problem with that is that really most models are weak models. Basketball is messier. It’s like those crazy coupon hunters who end up finding a way to make money shopping.

WE: So is it even possible to develop a non-statistical approach to consistently beating a book? You might be able to spot something like ‘Isaiah Thomas is a sparkplug, Boston is a team that’s hungry for fresh blood’ on one night, but these things can be maddeningly random. I think you can pick up on certain things. We’re basically hand-pumping a model. So the lesson is you can’t predict basketball. So in the end you’re looking for an edge, is a simpler way of putting it.

MS: Well, yeah, I think so. A lot of times they are designed to produce *a result* but not necessarily a predictive result. But even still, in baseball you can generally narrow things down, like you can play the percentages of a pull hitter versus the way you can align your defense, and you know the statistical outcome. These are things that books generally pick out, but not always, and the deeper into it you get, the more likely you are to find things which may not be factored into a line. That’s why it’s gambling.

When you’re thinking of a successful investor, sure, they are going to react as an investor of say, Folgers, if Folgers is successful. As part of that series we asked two friends of the program, Matthew Stewart and Will Eisenberg, for the perspective on the overlap between gambling and analytics. On the other hand, it’s also easy to come up with “just-so” stories for this type of trend-watching. But that’s it. Except when you can. Finding the point at which to abandon strategies, and the moments when you need to stick to it and hope the numbers start coming up better for you. For example, maybe you know that player X has had some problems scoring in X arena. Then you have to hope they still haven’t caught on. Sixty years ago, for a local bookie, this just meant being more informed than his clients, which wasn’t particularly hard. And you can bet (PUNS) that they are using modelling-they’re not going to risk vast sums of money on a gut feeling about how scrappy Aaron Craft is. And even the best read can get blown apart by a couple of free throws made or missed. if what you’re saying is true, that basketball is just a slightly organized kind of chaos, are we just rubes? If it is that messy, is it predictive enough that one can use available tools to predict it consistently? This is like the million dollar question for any semi-serious sports handicapper.

MS: Right. And you can tell that only through the repetition of something which resembles a model. Let’s go back to the investor/pro handicapper analogy for a second. So… I know it’s been beaten to death on the internet but here is the important point. Will is a classical musician from Minnesota. It’s chaotic. I’ve bet basketball for about the past 6 years, and you the last two, and we’ve worked together for a majority of that. Okay, and I think where the mythology of the “model” comes in is from the fact that when you’re talking to a gambler on Twitter or a forum or something or if you’re — yikes — listening to one of the 1-900 number touts, you’re hearing about models that are both ridiculous and imaginary. But I also know I have a vested interest in that opinion.

MS: Well, in reality everything is going to be a model with human error, regardless of what you do. That was a real thing, evidenced even by him basically admitting he tried harder.  So what you have is things from that which you can pick out. And they’re going to react in a very specific way based on their investment principles. Just noise. Of course, the book’s lines can be way off on any given night too. — are not using models so much as playing markets. You hear a lot of bonafide get rich quick schemes and perfect systems. But the randomness definitely hits us harder, because we have to choose the spots we bet.  Figuring out how to ride out bad spells is definitely something I want to get better at. And if anyone tells you something other than that, there’s a reason and it’s not good news. We know this if for no other reason than the truly successful and verified pro handicappers in the world — Billy Walters, Haralabos Voulgaris, etc. They’re something like 10-1 now. Or is it simply better to trust that the book is going to be “about right”, and your only goal is to either find a side that has an edge or a line you know can get value on?

WE: Is basketball harder to bet because of the way in which team play and system affect a player’s stats?

MS: So before we get too much further into the model discussion: I think we should get the elephant out of the room. Follow him on Twitter @TLMBERWOLVES.

But yes, if I’m telling a novice sports handicapper how to take themselves more seriously, I don’t say to them that modeling is completely bunk, even if it’s not always particularly helpful. The Warriors were for the majority of this season unbeaten against the spread when they had 2 or 3 days of rest before playing. The Bookmaking business in the United States has always been a sort of statistical operation, but in the end what the bookmaking business has been is just being better at whatever the current method is. Without giving away the whole recipe, we go through a check list. At the same time, you can risk going too deep to where it is all bad noise.

WE: Studies are inconclusive.

When we think of the “model” that I think a non handicapper is thinking of, it’s something akin to an excel spreadsheet or dataset in which you can put in numbers and you can spit out a percentage based result that over time will definitely win you money.

MS: I think that’s the crux of the whole thing. So, we had a conversation.

So if it isn’t, we’re kind of wasting our time. They find the cheaper prices on games and take advantage of that via a vast network of runners, etc. For example, one of the tougher things baseball has dealt with over the last fifteen years is honing down defensive measurements. Matthew is a grad student from Austin, and can be found on Twitter @_MatthewStewart. So. And when you’re not working with some way to get a feel on which games are worth betting, you’re probably doing a huge amount of legwork to come up with a small number of bets. I think it is. And so on.

WE: It’s been totally up-and-down this NBA season. So is scrounging the best prices and catching the best numbers just the only viable option?

The idea with this is that modeling is still a relatively new thing in sports betting, even if statistical modeling in general isn’t. At some level. Until we are able to measure every fathomable aspect of a sport, there is going to be some human investment in whatever system you can create to compensate for things we think might be valuable but cannot measure, including a market based system. There is situational coaching like that in basketball, but I’m not sure it’s as…..widespread? Maybe that’s not the right word.

For the past two years I’ve been betting basketball in tandem with Will Eisenberg. When asked to answer the question of whether or not models can actually work, I couldn’t give a complete answer without including him. It can be tough to lose a game on the last possession, but it’s even worse in my opinion when you feel like you have a really good read on a team, and you’re just completely wrong about that night. That was a lot of words.

Let me ask you…. Well of course they are!

MS: I don’t think it’s the only viable option. But more importantly, this means on a broader scale, I think it can be much harder to objectively gauge an individual’s impact solely through numbers.

That said, we’ve taken a beating in the second half of the NBA season after a very good NBA first half, and when that happens, it really can all seem sort of futile, can’t it?

WE: I think one area I’m definitely guilty of is being more interested in whether a trend is robust than if it is explicable. And yes, they’re aided by computer models, but they’re generally the same models the books have.. Betting basketball is hard. Which again, puts you at the mercy of the randomness of basketball betting. Chaos means ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions’ and that reigns in basketball. For example, there is no doubt that Reggie Miller played in a different way against the Knicks than random mid-December games against random team. Over the course of even a small amount of time spent interacting with sports handicappers, you hear a lot of things. Which is sometimes.

This is kind of a “the best way to go broke slower” idea, but I do actually believe that the people who are able to be the most efficient in that way are actually profitable. Maybe in the end it all just about evens out, but switching up my bet size after a string of successes definitely backfired for me. As someone whose interest in basketball was kind of driven by a love of analytics as well, do you see there being more “immeasurable” things than in a more “static” sport like baseball?

Freelance Friday is a project that lets us share our platform with the multitude of talented writers and basketball analysts who aren’t part of our regular staff of contributors. Or other splits. Of course on any given play, there are an infinite number of ways the players can interact, and a ton of different possible outcomes, even in ‘resetting’ the game. Once every measurement has an answer, you no longer have a model, you have a….calculator? After all, I am sure I have missed many “best” prices on the hunch that a better price was still going to come along. This could be entirely pointless, or it could be helpful, depending I guess on your perspective on the whole thing.  And though you will hear of it often, the elusive perfect betting model still obviously alludes us, since sportsbooks have not exactly yet gone running for the hills.

WE: So, I guess my point is, you don’t need to be able to model basketball perfectly, right? You just need to be able to do it a little bit better than the books do it. On a larger scale though, they are always going to be very formidable to beat. So you are continuing to limit. 1 day travel records? We know we can count them. But! They are also going to understand how the rest of the market is going to react, in order to know when is the best time to maximize value.

WE: Baseball moves from a fixed position (or really, six main scenarios) and so it’s predictable, which makes measuring impact easier-it’s also, essentially, a one-on-one sport. I think what you just described is where the efficient sports handicapper exists.

If you’re a “serious” handicapper — whatever that means — you are indeed always fiddling with the method you use to place your bets. For example, do we really understand the impact of 2 days v. This is still relatively opaque to me.

Phew, okay. Some think it is impossible. Models can be a very good way of telling us what is bad information, even if they are not as good at telling us what is actionable. Are the Warriors genuinely getting a boost from practicing with Steve Kerr and having a chance to rest their legs so much bigger than other teams in the league that it’s being systematically undervalued? On the other hand, if you backed that trend early in the season you probably made out well.

In reality, that’s not how real handicapping works


Amanda faz proposta para Fernando: “Por que você não mora comigo em São Paulo?”

Amanda e Fernando falam sobre o futuro depois do Big Brother Brasil 15 (Reprodução/TV Globo)Amanda, 28, e Fernando, 32, conversaramsobre o futuro na tarde de quinta-feira (26), na área externa da casa do Big Brother Brasil 15. O casal tem feito alguns


Atlantic City’s fortunes wane as gamblers decamp

Most recently, the Trump Plaza notified their employees it expects to shut down in September. Also, the two-year-old Las Vegas-style mega casino Revel, which has never turned a profit, announced it is filing for bankruptcy. “And we’re only going to be replacing them with 600, 700 jobs in the next year.”

But competition for online gambling and out-of-state casinos like New York’s Empire City has hurt Atlantic City’s bottom-line.

CBS News


Mayor Guardian says the key to a comeback in Atlantic City is to provide more entertainment than just gambling. I have a daughter to raise. So I’m willing to do anything I have to so that my family stays afloat,” she says.

© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. — In January, the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel was the first casino to announce it is closing its doors. Together, those casinos make up more than 6,000 jobs or 20 percent of the work force.

When legalized in 1976, gambling was supposed to reclaim the allure of New Jersey’s boardwalk empire.

There are now 35 casinos within driving distance of New Jersey. Las Vegas has successfully did that more than a decade ago, and now gaming accounts for less than half of its tourism dollars.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. And you know, we need health benefits. All Rights Reserved.

. She has already been warned she could be laid off by the end of August. Then in June, Caesars Entertainment Corporation announced it was shutting its Mardi Gras-themed casino Showboat. “Well I have to do something.


Don Guardian is the mayor of Atlantic City. The city’s casino revenue has plunged from a high of $5.2 billion in 2006 to just $2.9 billion last year.

Mayor Don Guardian

Melanie Gillespie has been a cocktail waitress at Showboat for 18 years. Over the course of seven months, his city will lose more than 3,000 jobs

March Madness offers shot at NBA glory

“A lot of guys can score and shoot, but when you get to the NBA, really being able to defend someone separates you.”

Among the most successful small-program players in the NBA is former Davidson standout Stephen Curry — the current MVP frontrunner with the Golden State Warriors. After all, the last time a Valparaiso graduate dribbled a basketball in the NBA was in 1956.

Cole strikes a particular chord with Drew since they both came out of the unheralded Horizon League, a Division One conference made up of nine Midwestern schools. Not bad for a graduate.

In 2013, Butler’s 36-year-old Brad Stevens became the youngest head coach in the NBA when he signed a $22 million contract with the Boston Celtics.

A format started in 2011, 8 teams compete to qualify in the main draw

A 10-member panel determines seedings for the 68 teams that make the knockout tournament

Selection Sunday (March 15)

Third round (March 21-22)

“I had always dreamed of winning the game in the NCAA tournament (and) always dreamed of making the last-second shot. “It’s the biggest stage for college basketball, and it’s one of the biggest national events in all of America.”

Drew was a senior nearing graduation at the time. With an enrollment of only 4,500 students, it is the smallest school to play in the final for over 30 years.

Known as the “Sweet Sixteen”

And both competitions offer the carrot of being able to impress scouts from top pro teams — a first-round NBA pick can expect to earn anywhere from $755,000 to $5.75 million. Although he had heard about professional scouts attending his games, being drafted by an NBA team was still considered a longshot. “You can find diamonds in these smaller schools.”

Hayward led Butler — a so-called “mid-major” program that exited the Horizon League two years ago — all the way to the 2010 National Championship Game against Duke, only to watch his desperation half-court shot narrowly miss at the buzzer.

Last year’s tournament reached 102 million viewers, while almost 740,000 fans attended the 36 sessions.. “If they want to play in the NBA, they are going to be expected to play under a tremendous amount of pressure and attention.”

Valparaiso’s nightmare scenario would be an early-round pairing with last year’s runner-up Kentucky.

Regional finals (March 28-29)

But that was before “The Shot.”

Observing athletes during March Madness — when competition is at its highest level — is the best way to gauge if they will succeed as pros, according to one player representative.

One of the most-watched events in U.S. For God to bless (me) with both of things at one time is something that I’ll always cherish and remember,” Drew says.

Second round (March 19-20)

The “Final Four” is played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis; minimum capacity 70,000

Championship Game (April 6)

“I don’t think any of us realized that they would show that replay the next year, and even the next year, and the next year. His last-second shot for Valparaiso to beat the University of Mississippi in the first round of the 1998 tournament is one of the most replayed moments in March Madness history.

“A lot of times they’ve had to work their way into the spotlight, and so they develop a hard work ethic,” he says. The Wildcats (31-0) aim to become the first team to go undefeated and win the national championship since the Indiana Hoosiers in 1976.

How it works:

When it comes to college basketball, the first month of spring ushers in a frantic slew of games to determine seedings for one of the most fervently watched sporting events in the U.S., known simply as the NCAA Tournament, or more often, March Madness.

Led by 6-foot-10-inch Jamaican senior Vashil Fernandez (five blocked shots against Green Bay in the Horizon League tournament final) and 6′ 9″ sophomore Alec Peters, the Crusaders are hoping for a high seed when a 10-member committee meets this “Selection Sunday” to rank the tournament’s 68 participants.

Karnes, a former player himself at little-known Belmont University who “had the unfortunate assignment of having to guard Bryce Drew,” says he enjoys recruiting clients from smaller programs because they lack the air of entitlement that can weigh on household names.

His father, Homer Drew, was Valparaiso’s coach at the time, and his brother Scott (now men’s basketball coach at Baylor University) was an assistant, completing the Hollywood scenario.

First Four (March 17-18)

“It helped me get my name out there, because they got to see me play against a different type of athlete in the NCAA tournament on a different stage,” he says.

“You talk about these smaller schools that are out there, we’re that way as a boutique agency,” he says.

“His defense is what helped him get drafted from our league,” says Drew, who suited up for four NBA teams in six seasons before playing in Italy and Spain. Six of Kentucky’s players are considered worthy of June’s NBA draft.

Although Hayward turned pro after the two-point loss, Butler’s exposure to potential recruits allowed the Bulldogs to return to the championship game the next year, and to the third round in 2013. We were just so happy in the moment and never thought that we’d be able to talk about it over a decade later,” he says.

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Showing the highlight is virtually a prerequisite whenever Drew coaches a nationally televised game, and is sure to come up next week when his Crusaders play in the “Big Dance” (one more nickname for the tournament.)

“It definitely helps an agent to learn how a player will perform under a national stage,” says Jared Karnes, co-founder of A3 Athletics agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. Now 26, he recently found his way back to the NBA with the Miami Heat after a spell in China.

Drew calls coach John Calipari’s team — powered by a front line of 7-footers Willie Cauley-Stein and Dakari Johnson, along with 6′ 11″ Karl-Anthony Towns — as the deepest he’s ever seen in college basketball. Norris Cole, who played at Cleveland State and won two championships with the Miami Heat, and Gordon Hayward, a starting forward for the Utah Jazz, have also made their mark.

Drew knows just how big an impact that high-profile stage can have on aspiring professionals from beyond the major college ranks. “They really have an appreciation about what’s happened to them; the more you can identify a talent with a level of high character, as an agent you’ve just found a terrific prospect.”

“When you go to college, maybe your number one goal before you graduate is you want to be able to play in the NCAA tournament,” says Bryce Drew, head coach and former player at Valparaiso University in Indiana (28-5, Horizon League champions). He’s already led Valparaiso to its highest victory total and winning percentage in school history.

National semifinals (April 4)

“Even though they are so wildly successful as a team (now,) Butler right before that wasn’t well known,” says Karnes, adding that it was Hayward who first put it on the map. sport

Like English soccer’s FA Cup, much of the 68-team tournament’s appeal is its egalitarian system of pitting traditional powerhouse programs like Duke, UCLA and Kentucky against relative minnows like Saint Mary’s, Butler and Davidson.

While Karnes remains guarded about which college basketball players he’s scouting, inking deals with Kentucky players after the tournament is probably a longshot.

Down to 32 teams

Story highlights

Field of 68 gives small colleges a chance to shine

Bryce Drew turned tournament fame into lasting pro career

Pro scouts look for diamonds in the rough

Read: For March Madness fans, vasectomy timing is everything

Regional semifinals (March 26-27)

64 teams split into 4 regions: Midwest, West, South and East

The “Elite Eight”

Although Drew says private workouts for pro teams solidified his spot as the first Valparaiso player to be drafted in the NBA’s first round (as the 16th pick,) he confesses that tournament attention is likely what got his foot in the door.

#1 plays #16 in each group

Michael Beasley, the second overall selection in the 2008 NBA draft, is one of Karnes’ clients who has failed to live up to that pressure so far. It was the less glamorous side of the game that set Cole apart from other prospects.

Drew hopes to emulate Butler’s past success this postseason

Bode Miller: Ski star’s horse racing dream

They think it’s crazy, they think it’s like voodoo and magic, and for us it’s just normal stuff.”

In 2010, following an invitation from the United States Tennis Association, Miller tried and failed to qualify for the U.S. It’s all invented already, but you just have to apply it in the right way.”

Now, as the 37-year-old enters the autumn of his alpine skiing days, Miller hopes to transfer his meticulous approach to training racehorses.

“I’m one of the people who sees it really clearly because I’m in a different sport that uses all that stuff,” Miller told CNN at last weekend’s World Cup ski opener in Solden, Austria.

“I think coming from ski racing I can appreciate that. I came in and said, ‘Let’s build shape skis’ and a bunch of other changes, and the sport changed really dramatically and allowed me to be on the front end of it for a long time,” he says.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions. Losing by just a nose, or a whisker,” he smiles, “it’s tough.”

“It really has a lot of the critical components of things that I love in my life,” he continues. Open, losing his opening match at the sectional playoffs.

“The horses perform at their highest level — they’re trying with everything they have,” Miller says.

The high-octane world of flat racing holds no such risks for Miller, only tantalizing rewards.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

“For me he’s a great example of how to balance out expert horsemanship — which he has — with sports science and technology, which is what I have,” Miller says of his new partner.

In addition to his Olympic haul, Miller boasts five world championship medals, 33 World Cup victories and two overall titles to boot.

In Miller’s experience, success can be achieved by the smallest of margins.

“Twenty years ago horse racing was the same, but now it’s in a perfect place where sport and technology can be put together. “To set that on top of the challenge of figuring out an industry and becoming the best in the world at something … It’s just the icing on the cake.”

At this stage of the game, health has become a real consideration for Miller.

And as he moves into his twilight years on the snow, this workhorse has a feeling the turf will suit him just fine.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

And it’s clear the high-stakes nature of racing appeals to his basic instincts.

But he was quick to dismiss the rumor on Twitter, citing his already advanced years for a top skier.

Winless for two years and dogged by injury, it was a heart-in-mouth moment when he roared down the mountain at February’s Sochi Winter Games in a final attempt to add to his Olympic medal tally.

He was famously one of the first athletes to break away from the U.S.

“I’ve always been very scientific in my approach — in Sochi I changed from using a rubber goggle strap to a plastic strap because research showed it would save me one-hundredth of a second,” he explained at the premier of a new documentary “Quest for the Future,” about life after skiing.

Miller fueled speculation that he would compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang after signing a four-year contract with helmet manufacturer Dainese.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

Ever since becoming a small-portion owner in a racehorse 10 years ago, Miller has slowly developed his knowledge and expertise to the level that he can now realize his ambition of a full-time career in the sport.

American skier Bode Miller is looking to start new career in horse racing

The 37-year-old is teaming up with Kentucky Derby winner Bob Baffert

Miller says he hopes to bring scientific approach to flat racing

His career on the slopes is in twilight years and he missed season opener

But his passion for flat racing has been bubbling under the surface for some time.

Helping him out of the starting gate is one of the best trainers in the business, Bob Baffert, who appears to provide the “Yin” to Miller’s “Yang.”

And, although he enters horse racing as something of a novice, Miller is confident that a modern approach could reap rich rewards.

(CNN) — He’s won six Olympic medals on two legs, but Bode Miller’s future will ride on four.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

“When people talk about a horse race, that’s the one they talk about,” he says. It’s a very challenging race to win.”

On Sunday he withdrew from the 2014-15 season’s first World Cup event in Solden with an ongoing back injury — a sign that he’s no longer willing to put his body on the line.

“If it was golf then, you know, maybe I could lag on for another couple of years and keep competing because there’s no real harm in it,” he admits.

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It’s not the first time Miller’s attention has been drawn away from ski racing.

“I took bronze by one-hundredth of a second!”

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

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So what of his skiing career?

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

“I can stay focused on something indefinitely for as long as it needs to happen, and I love that horses are the same way,” he says.


Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

Miller’s “leave-no-stone-unturned” attitude has served him well.

As with everything Miller commits himself to, only “the best” will do.

And with three Kentucky Derby wins under his belt, Baffert also brings a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to win America’s preeminent flat racing event — a long-held ambition for Miller.

One of the finest skiers of all time, the American’s obsessive attention to detail has paid dividends during his mercurial career on the slopes.

He is convinced that technology is key to equine success, and he aims to take his flair for innovation from the piste to the racetrack.

They were among the attendees at the 2014 Kentucky Derby, where Baffert’s horse Chitu was ninth behind victor California Chrome. It’s exactly what we do in ski racing.”

“Twenty-five years ago, ski racing equipment was archaic.

Bode Miller’s equine ambitions

But this time he won’t be going it alone.

“In skiing, if you make the wrong mistake or you’re not fully prepared, you can kill yourself.

“If I’m not in peak form or putting in all the work you need to be prepared and safe, then I’ll pull away from the sport.”

“The people in horse racing don’t see it at all. ski team — and be successful.

Read: Ex-jockey molds new career

“When you put a horse to task they do what you ask them to every time, so building a scenario which helps them to peak at the right time is really appealing to me. “It’s the biggest showpiece, it has the same prestige in the sport the same way Kitzbuhel does in ski racing

Australian Gamblers Moving Online, Reports Lucky Nugget Casino

In the past year alone, gambling revenue has fallen by $1.6

billion. Up until September, the country’s total gambling revenue in 2012

was $16.9 billion.

The bulk of the country’s gambling revenue still comes from poker

machines. Most Australian cities, meanwhile, have no more than one or two

land based casinos.(3)


The study showed the total amount betted by Australians has been in steep

decline since September 2010, when $20 billion was spent on all forms of

gambling. As

of September, the figure for 2012 had already surpassed $1.1 billion.(2)

Firms like Lucky Nugget have successfully cornered the market for casinos

games. The upward trend for online

gambling, and downward spiral for land-based casinos and other forms of

traditional betting, show no signs of abating.

Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:00am EDT



In contrast, online betting accounted for just $928 million in 2010. Sites like Lucky Nugget offer

their own variations of online pokies, which account for a large

percentage of online gambling revenue. That figure is down from $11.2 billion up to the same time in

2011, demonstrating that even the most popular form of offline gambling

is not immune to the mass online migration underway in Australia (and

much of the world).


* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.


Lucky Nugget Casino

Terry Maverick

+27 021 5286928

Copyright 2013, Market Wire, All rights reserved.





Lucky Nugget is one of the casinos benefiting from a recent surge in

Australian online gambling habits. A study by Roy Morgan Research

suggests punters are moving away from traditional forms of gambling,

preferring to stay at home instead.(1). According to the Roy Morgan Research study, some $10.2 billion

was pumped into the country’s beloved ‘pokies’ during 2012 (up to

September). Poker machines are popular throughout Australia, with variations found in

almost every bar, hotel and club in the country.(4) But their dominance

of the gambling economy may not last long if the current trends continue.

Poker slots are now widely available on the web, alongside other casino

games including roulette and baccarat

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins big on INT

He laid -130 juice and collected $1.4 million from the CG Technology sports book at the M Resort.

The Broncos were the most popular bet in Vegas.

Two last-second interceptions returned for touchdowns by the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals delivered million-dollar blows to Las Vegas sports books, including a $600,000 hit from boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The bad beats weren’t over for the books, though. The Westgate and Aliante sports books told ESPN approximately 95 percent of the bets on the game were on Denver.

“The place went absolutely berserk,” MGM’s vice president of race and sports, Jay Rood, said. I’ll leave it as a reminder of my feelings toward Geno Smith.”

The Dallas Cowboys’ upset of the Seattle Seahawks, coupled with the San Diego Chargers’ failing to cover the spread against the Oakland Raiders, were big winners for the books and helped them overcome the tough beats.

CG Technology’s vice president of race and sports, Jason Simbal, confirmed the bet to ESPN.

– This embed didnt make it to copy for story id = 26147093.

“We were in a spot that we would have probably been up a million five after those games,” Simbal said. “I kicked a hole in the wall. They still won money on an eventful Sunday.

“It was devastating,” Aliante’s sports book director, Marc Nelson, said.

“Those two interceptions cost us a half-a-million dollars,” Rood said.

Talib’s pick-six electrified crowds at the sports books across Vegas and caused six- and seven-figure swings that went against the house. It also caused some damage inside the back office of the MGM Mirage sports book.

“Floyd didn’t watch the game here,” Simbal said, “but he certainly showed up shortly thereafter to cash.”. Because of the Raiders covering and Cowboys winning, we ended up in pretty good shape today.”

Don’t feel too sorry for the books, though. “Instead, we were only up a third of that. Mayweather bet $815,000 on the Broncos to beat the Jets by more than 7.5 points. Arizona defensive back Rashad Johnson picked off Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and returned it 28 yards for a touchdown to cover the spread in a 30-20 win.

Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib picked off New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and returned it 22 yards for a touchdown that covered the point spread in the Broncos’ 31-17 win

The Heart of a Champion, with Historic Videos

He also had an unusual way of running. Only five horses were entered, but it was really a match race between two great racehorses – Secretariat and Sham. The crowd went wild! America had another Triple Crown winner – the ninth one ever.

In May of 1973, Secretariat was entered in the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred racing. Secretariat won by eight lengths, with Stop the Music coming in second. After weeks of watching him suffer, the decision was made to have the great horse humanely euthanized. This was the last race Secretariat would compete in before the 1973 Kentucky Derby, and his loss in the Wood Memorial was unsettling. He won the International Stakes by 6 ½ lenghts – a great ending to his racing career.. In his first race, the July 4, 1972 race at Aqueduct, he came in fourth. Next, he took on the field in the Man O’ War Stakes and won by five lenghts and setting a new track record that has never been broken.

The famous coin toss took place in the autumn of 1969. His fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

Secretariat’s horse racing career as a three-year-old started out well. Phipps won the toss, and he chose Somethingroyal’s weanling filly.

Secretariat had a very close relationship with his groom, Eddie Sweat. After the Laurel, Secretariat also won the Garden State Futurity, once the richest contest in the world for two-year-old Thoroughbred racehorses. To those who thought Secretariat lacked stamina, he proved them all wrong. The two horses jumped out in front quickly and left the other three horses ten lenghts behind.  As Sham began to tire, Secretariat opened up an amazing distance. Laminitis is an inflammation of the laminae within the hoof, making it painful to walk or even stand. The two horses, however, would meet again as two-year-olds.

After retiring from racing, Secretariat was sent to Claiborne Farm, where he stood at stud. They decided that instead of a stud fee, they would breed their impressive stud to appropriate mares – either two mares from the same farm or the same mare two years in a row – and Phipps would keep one foal and the mare owner would get the other. It was 1 1/8-miles long, and Secretariat was used to shorter races. The colt remained unnamed for months, due to the stringent rules of the Jockey Club, the registry for Thoroughbreds.

The Kentucky Derby of 1973 was an exciting race. He loved all the attention and would often “pose” willingly for pictures.

The 1973 Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown

Secretariat once again earned the title of Horse of the Year, along with two Eclipse Awards. After all, it had been 25 years since Citation’s Triple Crown win in 1948. He had a deep chest with a girth of seventy-five inches. As he often did, Secretariat started out last, but he made his move in the backstretch. In his next five races, however, Secretariat outran his competitors. He passed Sham, the leader, and went on to win the race by 2 ½ lenghts, setting a new track record, which has yet to be broken. After Hasty Matelda gave birth to her foal, she was replaced as a broodmare by Cicada. It was a beautiful chestnut colt with a star, a white strip, and three white socks. It can cause the coffin bone to rotate, or even worse, the coffin bone can sink in extreme cases. He lifted his forelegs high before stretching them as far as he could.

Secretariat grew into a big, powerful horse. Secretariat had been placed in syndication, so he wasn’t allowed to race as a four-year-old or beyond. Sham came in second place.

According to those who knew Secretariat personally, he had a wonderful temperament and a playful attitude. Secretariat’s picture adorned the covers of Sports Illustrated, Time, and Newsweek. Since his death, an anonymous fan leaves twelve red roses on Secretariat’s grave every year on his birthday to honor and memorialize one of the greatest ever produced by Thoroughbred racing.

The Kentucky Derby

Secretariat had an unimpressive start as a racehorse. He won the Belmont by an astonishing 31 lengths and set a new world record that stands to this day. This had to concern his owner and trainer because the upcoming Kentucky Derby was even longer, at 1 ¼ miles. Another problem was the jockey. The racing world was eager for his foals, and fifty-seven of them went on to be stakes winners. Secretariat came in third. Get to know ‘em. As an adult, he stood 16.2 hands tall and weighed almost 1200 pounds. What had happened to the super horse?

Bold Ruler was owned by Wheatly Stable and Ogden Phipps. As a matter of fact, he wowed onlookers at the Hopeful Stakes by passing eight other racehorses in just a quarter of a mile and going on to win by five lengths.

On October 4, 1989, Secretariat died at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. By the time it was discovered in Secretariat, he was treated, but the laminitis did not respond favorably. He began his official training as a racehorse on January 20, 1972 at Florida’s Hialeah Park.

The Death of a Legend

Chenery eagerly awaited the arrival of Somethingroyal’s foal. Just three weeks later, he won the Arlington Invitational. Talk to ‘em. It was agreed that the winner of the toss would get first choice of the three foals, and that the loser would keep the other two foals. Of his 653 offspring, many were disappointments. He was also named American Horse of the Year, which is extremely rare for a two-year-old.

When a successful racehorse dies, its head, hooves, and heart are usually buried, and the rest of its body is cremated. Secretariat and Angle Light were the favorites to win, with Sham being next in line. Secretariat’s trainer, Lucien Laurin, had another theory for Secretariat’s loss. He had been suffering from laminitis. You probably heard of some of Secretariats descendants: Smarty Jones, A.P. Many of the foals born to his daughters grew into great Thoroughbreds. Next, he lost the Whitney Stakes by one length to Orion. Sweat once told a reporter, “Only way horses win is to sit there and spend time with ‘em. The nickname was the same one given to the great Man O’ War, another chestnut. Big Red’s stablemate, Angle Light, won, and Sham came in second. As a result, the famous racehorse had won money in every race he ran except for one. Phipps and Bull Hancock of Claiborne Farms put their heads together to come up with a way to get the best Thoroughbred mares available to breed to Bold Ruler. All these concerns didn’t seem to bother Secreatariat. Secretariat again started from behind, but by the first turn, he overtook the field and won the race by 2 ½ lengths. As a lifelong horse lover, the best word I can think of is “heart.” While true of most horses, this term is especially appropriate for Thoroughbreds. Not bad for a horse won on a coin toss.

The Chenery colt was often called “Big Red” by his handlers and by those closest to him. Even so, he had won sixteen important races out of the twenty-one in which he competed.  He had come in second in three races, and had placed third in one race. In 1969, both Cicada and Somethingroyal were bred to Bold Ruler, but Cicada didn’t conceive.

After the Marlboro, Secretariat was entered in the Woodward Stakes, but he lost to Prove Out. Indy, Storm Cat, Gone West, and Elusive Quality.

There are two theories about Secretariat’s defeat. He had been known to steal writing tablets from reporters and to hold a rake in his teeth and move it back and forth, as if he were cleaning the stables. He found a painful abcess in Big Red’s mouth and felt that the discomfort averted the horse’s concentration.

Christopher Chenery sent two of his mares to Bold Ruler in 1968 – Somethingroyal and Hasy Matelda. He also had a thick neck and very muscular quarters. Amazingly, the big red horse ran each quarter-mile of the race faster than the one before.

With two legs of the Triple Crown under his girth, Secretariat became a household name. They wanted Bold Ruler’s fillies to be part of their own breeding programs. By the time the colt was a weanling, he finally got an official name – Secretariat. Secretariat, however, was so loved and honored that he was buried whole at Claiborne Farm. People from all over made the drive to Kentucky to get a close look at the legendary champion. It was actually just the luck of the draw, or rather the toss of a coin, that gave Secretariat to Chenery.

During his years at Claiborne Farm, Secretariat might meet as many as 10,000 fans a year. Secretariat was the favorite, but Sham was certainly a contender. In April of 1973, Secretariat was entered in the Wood Memorial, a testing ground for Kentucky Derby hopefuls. The 1973 Belmont was held on June 9. As a result of his impressive performances, Secretariat was awarded the Eclipse. On her eleventh try, Chenery’s sectretary, Elizabeth Ham, was successful with her name submission to the Jockey Club.

After the five aforementioned wins, Secretariat came in first in the Belmont’s Champagne Stakes, but he was disqualified for bumping Greentree Stud’s Stop the Music on a turn. The track stewards awarded the win to Stop the Music and gave Secretariat second place. There’s an old saying about the breed’s heart: “A Thoroughbred throws its heart over a fence first, and then its body follows.”

In November of 1972, both Secretariat and Stop the Music were entered in one of the most important events for two-year-olds in Thoroughbred racing. There were several concerns about this particular race for Big Red’s owner and trainer. Horses are large, heavy animals, and burying them in their entirety is difficult. He was ninteen at the time.

The 1973 Preakness

On October 22, 1973, Secretariat ran his last race – the International Stakes in Toronto, Canada. Held at the Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland, the Laurel Futurity measured 1 1/16 mile over turf. He won the Bay Shore Stakes easily, and went on to nose out his competitors and win the Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct, tying the track record. Secretariat’s usual jocky, Ronnie Turcotte, was out because of a suspension, so Eddie Maple rode Big Red in the race. Many handicappers thought that the big chestnut just didn’t have the stamina for the Wood. The next year, the two Chenery mares delivered a colt and a filly. People may call me crazy, but that’s the way it is.”

There’s something about a horse that all horse lovers recognize and understand, although none can put it into words that will fully explain and convey the feeling to non-horse lovers. A simple coin toss decided who would get first choice.

After winning the Belmont, Secretariat didn’t rest on his laurels. For another, he had never run such a long race – 1 5/8 miles – before. The concept is easy to grasp for equine aficionados, but it’s impossible to transfer the emotion to those who have never experienced it. Most all of them lacked the speed, power, and stamina of their famous sire. For one thing, Secretariat had run on grass only once before. Three foals were at stake: Hasy Matelda’s, Somethingroyal’s, and the unborn foal of Somethingroyal. You love ‘em and they’ll love you too. Laminitis is often difficult to diagnose in the early stages. His career racing earnings were $1,316,808. Secretariat’s sire was Bold Ruler, and his dam was Somethingroyal. By the morning after, more than 100 flower arrangements adorned Secretariat’s grave. It arrived on March 30, 1970. The ceremony was private, but fans somehow found out about it soon. Horse racing fans were hungry for another Triple Crown winner. It was another story when it came to the broodmares produced by Secretariat, however. Love ‘em. Now, that’s what you gotta do. He redeemed himself in the Marlboro Cup, beating Orion and Riva Ridge and setting another world record.  Riva Ridge had won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont in 1972.

Secretariat was foaled on March 30, 1970, at Meadow Farm near Richmond, Virginia. Meadow Farm was owned by Christopher Chenery, who divided the horse farm into Meadow Stud, the breeding farm, and Meadow Stable, for the racehorses

Malcolm Fraser gained support from all sides, but never at the same time

But in his early years in politics he was seen as hard right, influenced by the novels of Ayn Rand, with their heavy emphasis on individual freedom and opposition to state intervention, and – like Tony Abbott – attracted to the ideology of B.A. “He was deluding himself there,” Jones wrote on The Conversation website. He had become Liberal leader in March 1975 as a paladin of the right, defeating the moderate but ineffectual Billy Snedden.”

. Santamaria. “He had changed, very significantly.

Focus on social policy

And even as the modern debate about debt and deficits and budgets is cannibalising itself in the hands of Fraser’s successors, the focus of the condolence was on Malcolm Fraser’s positions on racial equality and multiculturalism, in favour of Vietnamese refugees and against apartheid, rather than about the economic austerity which he was seen to champion as prime minister after the debacles of the Whitlam era.

Malcolm Fraser gained support from all sides, but never at the same time |

“He was always impeccable on race. His friend, Labor’s Barry Jones, observed on Monday that Fraser would argue that he had not changed his political position, but everyone else had