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casino online fun88 cheats players

OMG..fun88..Actually I was not much surprised about because I saw this happened before. see how the Player doing…only 2 players on a line .

2. What made me so much dissapointed is the way they responsed me when I sent to them all the pictures that i got. They avoided to talk about what showing on pictures and just focus on how my bets..blah…blah….


1. See how the player going…4players in a line


2014-11-29 12.11.28

Here are pictures I got the day so you could check. Pictures taken both my mobile device and my P.C. The game results came out were totally different in same game same table same casino. My screen  capture on mobile device

3. Please be careful with them casino online  fun88, if you willing to throw away your money then go ahead as I did.

I knew they would try to find excuses and will never accept that they cheats us-players.

Maybe Im too addicted to the casino so even i knew they sometimes cheated me but i still playing with them. Compare with above picture and see

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Casino online fun88




2014-11-29 00.35.59

I was a player of this online casino fun88 but from now on I will stop playing. The table in between. But today even when i proved how they cheated me but they still ignored me….how am I disappointed !!!!!!

The casino online with fun88 I used to play is Royal Palace

Www.fun122.com. There were many times I found that they cheating but I had no evidence or the evidences not clear to prove.


The day I was lucky to capture my mobile screen where I used to bet on the baccarat game and at the same time took a shot on my P.C screen. Picture I took from the mobile device at the baccarat game lobby read this https://www.fun88no1.com

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How many goals does Hristo Stoichkov have for Barcelona ?

Try online football betting at http://sportsbook.dafabet.com/in/footbal…


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How many goals does Hristo Stoichkov have for Barcelona ? | Yahoo Answers

. He made 77 during his first stint at Barcelona (1990-1995) and 7 more when he came back from 1996-1998.

How many goals does Hristo Stoichkov have for Barcelona ?

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Best Answer:  Hristo Stoichkov made a total of 84 goals for Barcelona

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How To Pick Your Lucky Numbers And How To Use Them

Then one day she was in a car accident and was hospitalized and she was unable to get her lottery ticket, and 4 out of 6 of her numbers were picked. I actually meet someone who wrote numbers from 1 to 99 on little pieces of paper and picked 6 numbers from the hat. For example if your birth date is 11-05-1971 you may use 11-05-19-71. There are many different games and the more they cost the less numbers you get to choose but the jackpots can be anywhere from 1 to 5 million dollars.

Unlike the lottery in keno you can pick your lucky numbers and pay for multiple games, instead of having to fill out a form for each game. She would not have won millions but it could have been worth a few hundred had she been able to buy her lottery ticket that week.

Make sure to play your lucky numbers every week. You can also play lottery type games in casinos and online casinos. its called Keno, and it is exactly like the lottery except instead of once or twice a week a new game starts every 5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With all the people in the world you would think there would be millions of different ways to pick your personal lucky numbers, but most people actually do the exact same things to pick their lucky numbers.

Besides writing online casino reviews Lindsy Jackson is an astrologist and gives people their lucky numbers and their horoscopes for gambling.. Later you can return to the keno area and they can run your ticket thru the computer and pay you for any wins you may have had. She played those numbers for years. The chances of you winning increase every time you play your lucky numbers because chances are you are closer to them winning then the time before.

Another popular way to get your lucky numbers is to read your weekly horoscope. This can usually be found in your local newspaper, but if you do not get the paper or your paper does not offer you horoscopes or lucky numbers then you can check them online.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

The most common way to pick your lucky numbers is to pick your birth date and the dates of your friends of family. Then you are free to go about your business in the casino maybe play some table games or the slot machines. These people are the most likely people to play the lottery.

Lottery players will come up with what they feel is their lucky numbers and they will play them every week in hopes of one day winning the lottery and making all their dreams come true.

Now that you have your lucky numbers here are some tips on how to improve your chances of winning.

By: Lindsy Jackson

Don’t just play them in the state lottery. Parents will usually use the dates of their children.

Many people have jobs they hate or they love their jobs but they do not get paid very much. As a matter of fact the odds of winning the jackpot at keno are much higher then in the state sponsored lottery.

The jackpots in keno go up depending on how much money you spend per game https://th-th.facebook.com/m88.m88a

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Research and Markets: iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition

Listings of the top iGaming sites are provided for each gaming type ranked in order of popularity.

A directory is provided of 1,200 suppliers to the online gaming industry ranging from attorneys to back office support and marketing to turnkey solution providers.

1,100 owner and operator profiles are included with associated gaming sites, thousands of owner executive contacts and a ranked list of owners based on traffic to their sites.

Profiles for more than 3,000 online gaming sites are included with casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery, skill game and financial market sites plus ranked lists of top sites by game.

A directory of more than 1,000 affiliate sites is incldued with game verticals, traffic rank, language, geographic focus and owner.

Companies Mentioned: 30 of the 200+ Companies Featured

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/lxm8fl/igaming_business

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/lxm8fl/igaming_business) has announced the addition of the “iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition” report to their offering.

Additional sections include information on:.

500 game and platform software provider profiles are provided with the sites using the software, executive contacts, and software provider rankings based on the popularity of sites using their software.

Coverage of 150 online gaming jurisdictions are included with background information, regulatory agency and contact information, and sites operated from or regulated by the jurisdiction.

A directory of 1,000 affiliate programs is provided with sites represented, affiliate managers, and other program details.

357 payment methods

255 payment processors

Trade associations

Trade shows

Trade publications

1 Live Casino


10Bet Casino Games

10Bet Sports

1111 Poker

123 Vegas Win


123Bingo Online


138 Casino

138 Financials

138 Live Dealer

138 Sports Racebook! .129


180 Poker

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21 Dukes

21 Grand Casino

The Directory of iGaming sites includes casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo halls and betting sites, backgammon sites, skill games, lotteries, and forex sites with site name, URL, gaming activities, phone, fax, e-mail addresses, software developer, licensing jurisdiction, currencies, languages, deposit methods, and web traffic ranks

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Compulsive Gambling Leaves a Trail of Destruction

I also resent all the money that my grandparents left being swallowed up by his disease. In order to keep their secret they will lie to anyone, spouses, children, parents, coworkers and friends. As it turned out, my father had helped himself to an annuity my mother had religiously contributed to every month for 25 years during the course of her teaching career. Weve both finally reached a place of sanity and serenity in our own lives.

It’s Exhausting For the Family

by Macteacher 2013

The other insidious thing about problem gamblers or compulsive gamblers is the pathological lying. They live their lives in a fantasy world where the next big win is right around the corner.

The other part of me resents his obsession with money and being the hot shot while I was growing up. They make financial decisions based on how much money they can hoard for gambling. This makes gambling a very tough addiction to break, because like food addictions, the gambler is addicted to something they have to use in everyday life – money.

Gam-Anon and other organizations preach forgiveness above all else. Any financial relief is out of reach because no matter how much money a gambler can get their hands on, it is never enough to satisfy their insatiable craving for betting.

It’s Not Just The Betting

A gamblers true addiction is money. Gamblers will function quite well as long as they have a ready source of cash, such as a family member or income from a business or investments. This was In addition to fudging bank statements so that she didnt know he was siphoning off their other savings account. Any adult child of a compulsive gambler who thinks they will see any type of inheritance is fooling themselves.

Some gamblers do experience big payoffs, but the money is quickly spent on placing more, and bigger bets. My sister and I have struggled for most of our adult lives to build a healthy respect for money.

Almost as Bad as the Gambling…the Lying

When we uncovered my fathers gambling addiction, the devastation to my family unit was irreparable. It has been almost a year since the truth was revealed, and I am still angry at the waste and the bleak future my parents face as their fixed income slowly becomes inadequate to meet their needs as they get older. As an adult child I also am suddenly worried about having to support my parents at some point. It was money she was counting on to supplement their income when they reached their eighties. He has no assets. We figured it out because my father had tripped himself up by trying to cover his tracks. Gambling is a disease after all, and you cant blame someone for being sick. In the blink of an eye, more than half was gone. He was a fairly successful insurance man with 50 years in the business, yet when the true extent of his addiction came to light last year, we were dumbfounded. Money enables the gambler to stay in the action, a gambling term for active betting. The sum total of my fathers income is now a meager Social Security check. Gamblers do not think any further ahead than the next bet. Ive been talking to a disease for most of my life, not a real father. Its a twisted mindset that allows them to blow everything they have while bills go unpaid. Money is what they need to fuel their habit of placing bets, whether it be lotto cards, horse racing or blackjack. This inability to plan for the future is another symptom of the disease of compulsive gambling. Deep down they hate themselves for their habit, but like children, they are unwilling to come clean.

Forgiveness Comes…Eventually

My fathers inability to own up to his destructive behavior is a big reason for my current unwillingness to speak to him. As most adult children of any kind of addict know, its not that you actually hate them – thats too toxic to carry around. They spend their lives trying to cover their tracks. How does someone live with themselves?

Gamblers Can Keep on Going…

The insidious thing about gambling is that a gambler who has access to money can literally support their habit for many years without getting caught. Money is slowly siphoned from the source until there is nothing left.

This is another symptom of the compulsive gambler: Their skewed relationship with money. He was never generous with money, even though he always had a wad of bills in his pocket. I know that I will eventually have to forgive, right now Im just trying to figure out how to sit in the same room with a parent that I never actually liked or trusted. His weird relationship with money was passed on to his kids. By that time, the damage is done and it is usually irreversible.

They Usually End Up Penniless

My father has reached his seventies without saving a penny. How Do They Live With Themselves?

Even though I know it is a disease and he really cant help himself, part of me resents him for not being adult enough to seek help sooner. You just get worn out and tired, just really tired.. If not for my mothers pension, they would be out on the street.

It’s Never Enough

A man who has spent a lifetime telling other people how to invest for emergencies has ended up penniless. He has no savings, and he is too old to make up for lost time. He had money for expensive vacations, expensive jewelry and nice cars, but paying for his kids college education was out of his reach. If it had not been for my quick thinking, they would have lost everything. Their low self esteem compels them to live like high rollers – and spend on luxuries when they cant even pay the mortgage. They view money as something to play with, almost like Monopoly money. This is not something I should have to worry about with people who earned a good living during their work lives. He never saw any reason to purchase any property or make any sound investments. Part of me wonders how he sat down over breakfast every morning with a woman who has taken care of him for 50 years, while he was robbing her blind

Not Family Friendly: Fan Misbehavior at Pro Sports Venues

Teams certainly are not going to prohibit alcohol at events, which is a major contributing factor.

Family Sections

As a middle ground to allow most fans to continue business as usual and to also encourage family attendance, many teams offer family seating sections. This nervous tension impacts all our social interactions. This melee led to several player suspensions, yet was initiated by outrageous fan behavior. Its almost surprising that this was a baseball crowd, as football fans seem to be the most wound up. Fans of the visiting team can get verbally eviscerated by the home crowd. Pro sports teams have more security personnel available for games than ever, but security appears to become involved only in the most egregious of circumstances. Children often bond with the same teams as their parents. What are the causes and what should be done to allow children to enjoy games with their parents?

Negative AtmosphereBackground Stress

Social interaction these days is more negative than ever. The MLB code of conduct is very similar. After all, the fans attending the games are customers of the teams and its not necessarily good for business to eject paying customers. Road rage fights are not uncommon. If youve put significant coin on the game youre attending and your team isnt doing well or isnt covering the spread, youre likely not going to sit quietly and let it happen. Walking around the concourse at halftime, I realized that I was among the most sober of the spectators. The fans of the other team have become true enemies instead of rivals. Most of the people in the crowd were not merely buzzed, they were completely hammered. Many NFL fans also

bet on the games. A recent Orlando Sentinel article recounts Stan Van Gundy’s description of a fan screaming vulgarities behind the bench during Pat Riley’s coaching return at Madison Square Garden, all while the fan is standing next to his young daughter.[1]Fans act out in ways previously unimaginable, as if paying the price of admission allows any kind of behavior towards the opposing players and coaches. Many families cant attend games with young children due to fan behavior, even if they can afford the astronomical ticket prices. The sports leagues should also recognize that creating family zones is an investment in creating loyal fans from the younger generation who will continue to attend games in the years ahead.

The infamous NBA brawl between players and fans began after a fan threw beer at Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace). Alcohol feeds the beast of fan anger.


Another ingredient in the negative fan behavior recipe is sports betting. The framework for ejecting fans is somewhat in place; however, the stomach to follow through remains somewhat lacking. The NBA code prohibits offensive language, unruly behavior, throwing things onto the basketball court and fan entry onto the court. If spectators are more stressed than ever before even stepping foot into a stadium, then the tension is multiplied many times over by having fifty thousand or more of us sitting elbow to elbow.


Exacerbating the added stress load of the fans in general, alcohol is added to the mix. Excessive consumption of alcohol makes all of us act out. Yelling at each other has become more commonplace. For instance, we are all familiar with searches of belongings before entering sports venues. While sometimes annoying and time consuming, most all of us understand the need for these types of security measures. We submit to them because we know its a requirement in order to attend the game.

Codes of Conduct

Each of the NBA, NFL and MLB governing bodies have adopted fan codes of conduct. The team, in conjunction with the league, can set the terms under which the seat usage or the license is exercised. Many parents consider taking their children to professional athletic contests to be irresponsible, given the poisonous atmosphere. We should be able to enjoy games with our kids without fear of what they might see and hear. They certainly love to attend games when their parents go to the stadium. If fans are still filling up the stadium, then the teams are less likely to offer any type of family alcohol free zone.

Fan unruliness has reached epidemic proportions at sporting events. I drank more beer once we were inside. We all seem to be more stressed than ever. Similarly, the NFL doesnt allow illegal behavior and fans are not permitted to throw anything onto the field of play. Whether a team offers this type of section depends in large part on whether or not they already achieve sell outs on a regular basis. Fans curse and scream more than ever. These family friendly sections don’t allow alcohol. Having family sections widely available seems to be the best compromise to me. Youre going to yell and scream and what you say may not be pretty.Assault

Some sporting rivalries have become more intense as fans of each team mistreat each other. We have more hooligans than ever.

Response of Teams and Leagues

A sports ticket is a license to attend an event. Baseball clubs

are also permitted to have additional, more restrictive, rules of conduct in place.

While the codes of conduct themselves may be helpful, actual enforcement is another story. My friends and I grilled and drank beer for a couple hours before going into the stadium. Fans can be ejected for breaking the rules set forth in the code of conduct. Unfortunately, professional sporting events have thousands of inebriated spectators together at once, each feeding off the other.. A San Francisco Giants fan was beaten so badly he lapsed into a coma after an assault outside of Dodger Stadium in 2011. If most fans accept the current atmosphere, then allowing them to continue spewing obscenities isn’t quite so bad if family friendly alcohol free zones are readily available. I recall attending a Monday night football game once after tailgating for several hours. Thankfully, physical assaults are not keeping pace with verbal abuse, but opposing fans cant feel entirely safe in many professional sports stadiums

Should you play Powerball or Mega Millions? Probability & Expected Return

With both methods of adjustment it is the better bet, or more accurately, the least bad bet.

The Megaplier option expected return is calculated using an average multiplier value of 3.86667, while the Power Play option expected return is calculated using an average multiplier value of 2.59524. This gives a new set of adjusted expected returns:

Powerball: $0.1172 per $1Powerball w/ Power Play: $0.2027 per $1Mega Millions: $0.1202 per $1Mega Millions w/ Megaplier: $0.2323 per $1

With these calculations, the regular Powerball lottery has the worst expected return, while the Mega Millions with Megaplier has the best expected return.

To adjust these returns, we ignore the outlier event of winning the jackpot. Remember, jackpots can be split among two or more winning tickets.

Comparison to Hot Lotto: The smaller multi-state lottery game Hot Lotto has an adjusted expected return of $0.2656 per $1 bet, so it’s a better bet than either Powerball or Mega Millions, with or without the Megaplier and Power Play options. The regular Powerball ticket without the Power Play option has the lowest adjusted expected return on the dollar, while Mega Millions with Megaplier option has the highest adjusted expected return per dollar.

Conclusion: To maximize the expected return per dollar, buy the $2 Mega Millions ticket with the Megaplier option. Since P and M vary and are unpredictable, one cannot know the precise unadjusted value of the expected return. But we can compare the adjusted expected returns of all four lottery options.. Most state lotteries offer a higher return than Powerball and Mega Millions. P and M are divided by very large numbers that come from the odds and the price of a ticket. Statistically this is extraordinarily unlikely event that can safely be disregarded.

In the table, P stands for your share of the Powerball jackpot and M stands for your share of the Mega Millions jackpot. This excludes the second-tier prizes from the calculations, since you can consider the second-tier prizes to be somewhat outlier events. This gives us the adjusted expected returns

Powerball: $0.1599 per $1Powerball w/ Power Play: $0.2597 per $1Mega Millions: $0.1742 per $1Mega Millions w/ Megaplier: $0.3368 per $1

As you can see, the expected returns are all under $1, meaning you get back less than you “invest.” Equivalently, the expected profits are negative, i.e., a loss. However, the jackpots are smaller and less seductive.

We can adjust these expected returns even further to exclude prize levels with odds that are worse than 1 in a million

Dish TV Vs. DirecTV

Founded in March 1996, the Dish Network has been in the picture for more than a decade now. This gives it a definite advantage over Dish TV. DirecTV, which has been in picture since June 1994, has undergone vast change over the periodsomething which has made it only better. Therefore, you should compare these service providers with Cable TV service provider before you make the final call.


Dish TV, more often referred to as Dish Network satellite TV, is one of the largest pay-TV provider in the United States, with an estimated subscriber base of 14.3 million. One of the major point in the comparison between the two is the price factor, in which the Dish Network has a slight advantage. If you feel you don’t need HD and sports channels, then Dish is your best bet, as you will get all the basic channels at relatively less price.

DirecTV, more often referred to as Direct TV, is a satellite TV service provider which boasts of a customer base of 18 million in the United States alone. Both boast of excellent service, thus leaving the consumer in a never-ending dilemma of choosing between them. DirecTV

As both are satellite televisions, both are likely to be similar when it comes to pros and cons. While DirecTV was the one to introduce High-Definition TV (HDTV) channels, Dish TV has followed the suit, so there is not much of difference between the two in this context. Dish Network also has an edge in terms of international programming, with more region-specific channels as compared to DirecTV.. Today, it boasts of its own network in the form of The 101 Network and several exclusive sports packages, including the NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hot Pass.

While these two service providers are the stalwarts of the field, they do face a tough competition from Cable TV. The company capitalizes on this very fact when it comes to advertisements of the various products that it has to offer.

When it comes to the realms of home entertainment in the United States, Dish TV and DirecTV are the two names to look out for. It provides digital satellite television, audio services, and DirecTV Internet services to the American households. So how exactly do you determine which service is ideal for you? Just make a list of all the features you seek and compare the two.

Dish TV

Dish TV Vs. While DirecTV packages start at USD 29.99, Dish TV packages start at USD 24.99. Though it’s a bit costly, DirecTV has more HDTV channels and sports packages to its credit. The three services on offer for the American households and commercial establishments include the satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services. In terms of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service, Dish Network has a slight edge with 350 hours of recording capacity as compared to DirecTV’s 100 hours

PGA golf betting odds for players to win 2016 Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Justin Rose also won the Hong Kong Open on the European Tour last October.

T-15. Points won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2011. That was shocking because Jason Day was the defending champion in the tournament but he was under the weather with the flu when he missed the cut. Walker tends to play well early in the year and he tied for 4th in his last start two weeks ago at the Farmers Open.

After inexplicably missing the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open two weeks ago, Phil Mickelson tied for 11th place last week at the Phoenix Open. Here is a list of the betting odds for the PGA golfers to win the 2016 AT&T Pebble-Beach Pro-Am.

1. Jordan finished tied for seventh at Pebble Beach last year.. Koepka also has a win on the European Tour and he hits the ball a mile so he’s always a threat to win again.

The 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament on the PGA Tour is taking place this week from February 11-14, 2016, at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill Golf Course and the Monterey Peninsula Country Club golf courses located on the Monterey Peninsula in Pebble Beach, California. Last week, Snedeker finished tied for 33rd at the Phoenix Open.

Ryan Moore has four career wins with his last win coming in November of 2014. Ryan Palmer has three career wins but his last win was in 2010. His soon to be father-in-law Wayne Gretzky is playing here in the pro-am field.

14. Vijay has 34 career wins on the PGA Tour but he has not won a tournament anywhere since 2008.

D.A. Ryan Palmer, Danny Lee – 55 to 1 odds each

This year’s field includes six of the top 10 golfers in the world. Bubba Watson has eight career wins and finished tied for 14th place last week at the Phoenix Open. Dufner now has four career wins on the PGA Tour including one major (2013 PGA Championship).


T-11. Ryan Moore, David Lingmerth – 50 to 1 odds each

T-17. So far in 2016, Jordan Spieth won the Tournament of Champions on January 7th, finished tied for 5th at the Abu Dhabi Golf championship on January 21st and finished 2nd at the Singapore Open on January 28th. J.B. Phil Mickelson and Sam Snead are tied for second most wins with four each followed by Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller with three wins each. He missed the cut last week at the Phoenix Open.

8. A much better showing is expected this week at Pebble Beach. Kevin Na, J.B. Holmes has four career wins including once in 2015 and he’s knocking on the door in 2016 as he tied for 6th place at the Farmers Open two weeks ago and at the Phoenix Open last week. Palmer tied for 24th place last week at the Phoenix Open.

At odds of 9/2 Jordan Spieth is the betting favorite to win the 2016 Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Points is 39 years old and he has two career PGA Tour wins. So far in 2016, Dustin Johnson finished tied for 10th at the Tournament of Champions and then finished tied for 18th at the Farmers Insurance Open in his last start two weeks ago. So he has not played badly in his first three starts of 2016.

Kevin Na is a great golfer but he only has one PGA Tour win in 306 starts. His other win came in 2013 at the Shell Houston Open.

Patrick Reed has four wins on tour with his last win coming at the 2015 Tournament of Champions. Mark O’Meara holds the record for most wins in the tournament with five. As mentioned above, Phil Mickelson has won at Pebble Beach four times. Tiger Woods has only won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am once (2000).

3. Jimmy Walker has five career wins including two wins in 2015. Points – 300 to 1 odds

D.A. Brandt Snedeker – 14 to 1

7. Dustin Johnson tied for 4th here last year. All golfers with odds of 55 to 1 or less are listed below with comments. Shane Lowry also tied for 6th place last week in Arizona. Brooks Koepka’s lone win on tour was at the Phoenix Open in 2015 but he only managed a tie for 41st there last week. Jordan Spieth – 9/2 odds

After winning at La Quinta three weeks ago, Jason Dufner laid an egg last week at the Phoenix Open where he missed the cut. Jason Dufner – 45 to 1

Danny Lee was leading at the Phoenix Open last week until he shot a final round 73 and ended up tied for fourth. Davis has 21 PGA Tour wins in his career including a win last season at the Wyndham Championship at age 51. Jason Day tied for 4th here last year.

Jordan Spieth has said he’s pretty tired from traveling around the world over the last three months. He’s sure to win again at some point but will it be this week?

2. That was Snedeker’s second win here as he also won at Pebble Beach in 2013. He shot a 65 in the third round. Bubba Watson, Jimmy Walker – 18 to 1 odds each

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am dates back to 1937. Moore, who is 33 years old, did not play badly last week at the Phoenix Open finishing tied for 11th in his first start since October. He’s a threat here if he can play better in his second start of 2016. Phil Mickelson – 22 to 1

Justin Rose is such a great golfer he’s always a threat to win but he missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open two weeks ago in his last start. He’s notable here because Watney finished in second place last year three shots off the winner Brandt Snedeker.

Davis Love III – 200 to 1 odds

Davis Love III has two wins in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (2001, 2003). Mickelson’s last win on tour was at the 2013 British Open. Then a few notables are also listed who have much higher betting odds to win this week.

Brandt Snedeker is the defending champion here as he won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am last year. Jason Day – 8 to 1

T-9. David Lingmerth won at the Memorial last year for his first career PGA win. He has one win on tour which came last year at the Greenbrier Classic. 4. Reed missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open in his last start. Holmes, Shane Lowry – 33 to 1 odds each

After finishing tied for 10th at the Tournament of Champions, Jason Day missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open in his last start. Patrick Reed, Brooks Koepka – 30 to 1 odds each


Nick Watney – 125 to 1 odds

At age 34, Nick Watney has five PGA Tour wins but he has not won since 2012. Rose has seven wins on the PGA Tour including one win in 2015. Lowry’s lone win on tour came last year at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in August.

T-5. Dustin Johnson – 11 to 1

Bubba Watson and Jimmy Walker are 18 to 1 odds each to win this week. Two weeks ago Brandt Snedeker won the Farmers Insurance Open for his 8th career PGA Tour win. That was Davis Love’s first win on tour since 2008.

Vijay Singh – 200 to 1 odds

Vijay Singh won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2004. Justin Rose – 25 to 1

Good luck at all the PGA golfers and especially the bettors this week at the 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am!

Two of Dustin Johnson’s nine PGA Tour wins have come in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (2009, 2010)

Some Simple Techniques to Assuage Tension From Stress

As I mentioned, to implement a permanent change, you need to reach into your subconscious because you will not change until you do. Stop and admire and smell any flowers. Meanwhile, here are some pointers, not to conquer your stress permanently, but temporarily to help to assuage some of the symptoms of stress:

Stress, a mental and physical condition about which little is positive, productive, or desirable, creeps into life uninvited and unwanted and often remains unnoticed for a time.

* Develop “smile wrinkles.” Ever notice the little wrinkles at the corners of the eyes to those who smile and laugh a lot? I think that is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. A positive outlook, then, becomes a form of self-motivation, one of the keys to long-term achievement.

Stress is created by the body’s natural defense system, which is attempting to protect itself from what it perceives as possible destruction. Visit her website on Conquering Stress Today at http://www.conquerstresstoday.info .

Those who would disagree are probably confusing stress with stressors. Now, let’s not have any excuses here. (Be careful there, though–some do not find those kinds of emails very funny.) Catch a skit by Jeff Foxworthy or somebody on YouTube. Stress is believed to trigger 70% of visits to doctors and 85% of serious illnesses. It is called the “flight-or fight” response. It takes some discipline just to walk. Of course, I’m talking about humor. While discussion of the subconscious is not pretty ubiquitous in society, how to properly work with it is not–and awful lot of “snake oil” remedies have been foisted on the public in this area.

The bad news is that eighty-two million people in the United States suffer from acute tension and anxiety. Stress and its related symptoms are created when your mind begins to run wild with negative thoughts and potentially negative outcomes. My life surely has taken an upward swing since I started doing that.

Do not make value judgments before you know the facts. Look for any and all excuses to smile and laugh. And, to borrow a clich, that is more easily said than done.

* Take a brisk walk every morning. One Robert Seashore once said, “Successful people are not people without problems; they are people who have simply learned how to solve their problems.”

This did not happen. This is not the abnormal state. Whether you can or not, however, this brings up another point: get your sleep at night. Disease is a result of stress, not its cause. Look at the beautiful pure blue sky. Even as the medicines got better, diseases caused by stress, tension, and modern living grew only worse.

How many of them have you experienced in the past week? Not one of these mental and physical experiences would you consciously choose if you knew you had a choice. Humor is a great “de-stressor.” It helps to alter brain function and get it to going in the right directions.

The magic word is choice. Once we know how to deal with stressors–and make the firm choice to deal with them thusly–we can actually turn them into positive factors.

Abraham Lincoln, noted for his uncanny ability to say much in a few words, simply stated, “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.”

Some say they work better under pressure. Stress is negative energy that, if not properly controlled, can destroy the entire system.

But if you anticipate a negative outcome, your self-inflicted pressure produces stress. Here’s a tip: If you add a little lemon to your water, it makes it more interesting.

Of course, that is easier said than done, isn’t it? Anyone living under a mountain of stress knows that the answer is not simply deciding to do away with it. Take a night to go to a comedy club. The purpose of this reaction is survival, and it is supposed to be triggered only in the face of imminent real danger. This, however, is different from the type of stress we are discussing here–the type we must learn to control. You don’t need to become “silly”–just add a little humor, that’s all.

“It is the series of shocks or a long-continued single emotional strain like worry or apprehension that finally breaks us,” said Drs. Breathe in some fresh air. Find a friend or two to send jokes back and forth via email. You can add to this list anger, jealousy, hurt, and a dozen other negative emotions.

Eminent psychologist Kenneth L. Develop a list of medicines and cures, and everyone will be living a life of push-button health.

I hope to clear some of that up in my website that we almost have up, which will reveal my Top Secret in beginning to conquer stress (stay tuned). Pressure is often caused, for instance, by concern about not completing a project on time, which triggers the flight-or-fight response and provides extra energy to put the system into high gear. If your tap water is as bad as mine, then buy bottled water, like I do.

Did you get those last few words, the part about dealing with difficulties in a straightfoward manner?

Chronic (ongoing) stress, which is caused by worry, negative thoughts, and negative emotions, can result in ulcers, arthritis, cancer, and many other diseases that are often otherwise avoidable. :)

Author’s Bio:

Lora Morrow is a neuropsychological counselor and President and Director of Positive Personal Modification Institute. People in their normal state are not constantly operating under tension and anxiety.

But the good news is that stress can be corralled and controlled.

Changing these reactions and your level of stress, in other words, requires changing the way you use your mind and body. Edward Strecker and Kenneth Appel in their book Discovering Ourselves. Stress results from how we interpret those stressors.

But when your body starves for water, then your organs and brain struggle, which aggravates your stress. Open up your favorite search engine and enter “jokes”–find a site where you can go every day to read a few jokes. Eliminate negative thoughts from your life.

Symptoms typical of stress include apprehension, distress, anxiety, strain, tension, frustration, worry, and depression . As the level of medical technology increased, so did the level of stress, and as those levels increased, new stress-related diseases appeared as fast as new medicines eliminated the old diseases. But these are only temporary measures, anyway, effective for a short time. Animals also have a preprogrammed flight-or-fight response and, in general, will either flee or attack in a threatening situation.


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The normal state of the human mind and body is that of total health and relaxation. I know that means getting up a little earlier. People who can successfully handle such circumstances have a positive outlook toward their outcomes. And, as the well known little prayer goes, develop the wisdom to know the difference.

Acceptable human behavior, however, does not allow such simple choices. The truth is, those who choose to live with their stress have taken the first major step toward ill health through the misuse of their minds and emotions.

Think of your physical system as a great potential store house of energy, like a huge battery storing electricity. “Stress is not something external but a product of the mind.”

Worry, fear, anxiety, tension, depression, and the other symptoms of stress are all affected by the way you use your mind and body. Most stress is perception-related and has little to do with any real life-threatening dangers from your environment, yet your body reacts as though your very life were at risk.

(Yes, there is also positive stress, a condition endocrinologist Hans Selye coined as “eustress.” For example, when an athlete’s muscles tense while playing tennis or other sports, the temporary tension is positive and automatically under control. Use humor in your life as much as possible. So the “bad” kind of stress, or “distress,” is what we are talking about.)

* Drink a big glass of water every morning. Handled correctly, its symptoms will disappear in direct correlation to the number and frequency of positive changes you make in your life.

Plan your life, control your time, master your emotions, and you will constantly be in the state of achievement. When you first get up, your body is actually starving for water–not coffee, tea, soda, or “sports” drinks, but real, bonafide water. It is healthy. That might be difficult for some at their places of work, but a 20-minute nap really recharges and refreshes one’s life. All humans are born with this instinctive reaction, and we are not alone. Either that, or watch your stress mount and health break down before your very eyes.

Look for occasions to smile and laugh. But don’t concentrate on the walk. More than 13 million working days are lost because of stress. This will give you, in turn, increased energy and clarity of thought, adding to your ability to operate effectively. You somehow have to reach beneath the surface and work with your subconscious. Clearly, they are major obstacles to your personal effectiveness, and they are conditions you want to eliminate.

These are just a few tips that are available. Start becoming all that you can be.

A hundred years ago people began to believe that medical science was the answer to the quality of life. As I also mentioned, this system is about to be launched, so keep an eye out. Dictate the outcome in circumstances that you can control, and don’t worry about that which you cannot control. Stress is self-created and self-perpetuated.

* Take power naps if you can. Stressors are outside, or external, factors of our environment that potentially cause stress. You do have the choice of how often and to what extent you experience these symptoms of stress, but it is safe bet that no one has shown you why or how.

That reaction began with your ancestors, and most of us have not gotten over it yet. “Don’t blame stress on your environment,” he warned. “Such tiring and destructive emotional stress may be due to a prolonged struggle with difficulties and problems which we are not meeting in a straightforward manner.”. Lichstein, Ph.D., put it bluntly. There are so many other tips I could provide, ways to take charge of one’s life. Obviously, this is a condition that occurs rarely for most of us during our lifetimes.

This is why I have been formulating a 90-day system of 16 sessions on conquering stress, with my unique Positive Personal Modification Therapy, the same system that has been so successful for my clients over the years. It opens the doors to emotional balance and reduced stress. Do not hang your emotions on the outcome of any event. If you pass by someone else, smile and say hello. The briskness, the serenity, the freshness of early mornings really have something to say about it. It literally causes the body to deteriorate

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Impact of Internet Gambling

Recurrent losses can lead to frustration. It describes a state wherein gambling-related behavior of a person hampers his/her personal and social life. They tend to risk huge amounts and are unable to resist the temptation to do so.

Gambling that makes use of the Internet is known as Internet gambling. They feel the need to gamble with big amounts of money. Lack of central regulation gives rise to the spread of illegal practices and an unfair use of resources. Those with this disorder are always preoccupied with the thoughts of gambling. Hackers can easily access such user details and breach information security.

The biggest disadvantage of Internet gambling is the waste of valuable time and money of the individual involved. Repeated failures can breed feelings of inferiority, and in extreme cases, one may even lose interest in living.

Mostly, no government authority regulates online gambling. This can lead to heavy financial losses, and even bankruptcy. These websites target youngsters, as it is easier to lure them with free gifts and discounts. Valuable resources that can rather be invested in constructive activities, are wasted in baits and bets.

. It’s high time we realize the impact online gambling can have on us, and take steps towards curbing its popularity.

Excessive exposure to online gambling websites leads to addiction. Unregulated gambling practices may result in unwarranted expenditure of money and sheer waste of time.

Moreover, unregulated gambling provides network hackers with opportunities to gain easy access to the confidential information of web users. Increase in the number of online casinos, rise in the popularity of games like online poker and bingo, and a steady increase in the number of children and teenagers getting addicted to it, does not paint a very good picture of the future of Internet use. Surveys have revealed that children and youngsters are the most affected and the easiest prey to offers.

Pathological gambling disorder has symptoms similar to addiction. Internet gambling involves online fund transfers requiring the exchange of credit card details over the Internet. Gambling is betting money and running the risk of losing it. Its rising popularity is stealing a lot of productive time of those addicted to it. Youngsters, unaware of the long-term effects of this addiction, end up losing a lot of energy and money on it, and may develop health disorders. In the recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of children and youngsters taking part in Internet gambling

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Does a gambling system work?

A losing streak would have to be phenomenal to overcome such a huge amount of wealth, right? Afraid not. Let us extend our roulette example. After coming across just six losing numbers in a row, the next wager would have to be $320, larger than the table maximum, and possibly larger than your bankroll.

The only circumstance under which the Martingale will work is one where the player has infinite wealth

and plays without limits. Bet responsibly, and good luck!


Before placing your next wager, either in the form of an online bet or a real casino bet, it’s important to understand that the house has an advantage in virtually all games. Most players likely would enjoy to spend more time at a casino, and thus should bet casually as they always do. Wins and losses combined lead to the same house advantage under any gambling system.

A solid conclusion worth remembering

So the next time you go to an online casino or a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can have the knowledge that employing a gambling system does not improve your odds. Some people claim to have found a magical gambling system that can defy the house advantage. Devised in France centuries ago, the Martingale makes quite a bit of intuitive sense. Gambler’s fallacy is the false belief that an event can be due; for instance, believing that, after 15 black spins in roulette, the next spin is much more likely to be red. You’re a big-wig celebrity with a $1 million bankroll. . After only seventeen losing wagers in a row, you will have bet $655,385 under the Martingale!

Whether you are doing Internet betting or gambling in real life, a gambling system will never work. Most of them rely on progressions, or increasing your bet to “attain the maximum odds.” No such phenomenon exists. A casual player may state that the odds of such a streak are low, but as we could rebut from the earlier argument regarding gambler’s fallacy, it’s not all that unlikely.

What if…

Let us suppose there was no table limit. For instance, suppose a roulette wheel has a minimum bet of $5 and a maximum of $250. Certainly the Martingale would work then? Alas, this is not the case, and is, contrary to what some may say, not even the reason casinos implemented the table limit. If casinos weren’t guaranteed a profit by the odds, they would certainly not still be in business and growing rapidly each day. Outcomes in gambling are independent of each other. If the wager is lost, the player doubles his or her bet, so that if he or she wins, all losses will be recouped, as well as a win of the minimum wager.

The problem comes with exponents. The system works by placing a minimum even-odds bet, such as red in roulette or the pass line in craps. Sure, you’ll see many more short-term wins, but when you do lose, you will lose hard and fast. They charge exorbitant amounts of money to learn the secret to supposedly prevent the decay of the gambling industry with their bank-breaking secret. Shelling out money to learn of a gambling system is a horrid mistake.

Applying our knowledge with roulette

With that in mind, let us address perhaps the most popular of all gambling systems: the Martingale. While they can lead to some nice short-term wins, they will cause any gambler to crash down quickly. In our roulette example, even after 15 black spins, the 16th spin is just as likely to be black as it is red. Since no such circumstance exists, the Martingale only serves as an adrenaline-rushing way to quickly lose all your money. The same goes for any progression betting system. As you keep doubling, the number can quickly go over the table maximum